Discounts between 20 and 50 % on a wide range of goods from this seasons range of products, will be seen with the winter sales that began dynamically on Monday, in the area of Agios Nikolaos.

The President of the local Trade Association, Mr. O. Papadakis, talking to Thanos Korobilias on “PAME AERA” on Lato 103,3 fm said that percentages of up to 70% can be expected in some cases. He called for the local residents to support their local shops, in an effort to keep the town alive economically and to keep the younger generations here for the future.

Due to bad weather, the event planned by local traders for the 30th December was postponed, and is now being organised at the Rex Cinema on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 18.00. It will be three celebrations in one Mr. Papadakis told us; The best dressed shop window for Christmas, will be announced and an award made. Prizes of gift vouchers worth 20, 30 and 50 euros, (120 in total), will be shared amongst the 8,000 participants in the holiday purchases lottery. The vouchers will be accepted by the shops and businesses that donated them for the lottery and the winners will be able to shop any goods and services on sale, to the value of the voucher. The sofa, valued at 2,500 euros will be the star prize of the evening.

The Trade Association Members will also cut their New Year Cake and two more lucky winners of the “flouri”, will each receive a gift voucher.

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