Shooting outside offices of PASOK


An armed attack against the police officers guarding the offices of the PASOK party, in Athens took place this morning at 06.18.

The attack against the riot police who were changing shifts at the time, happened on 6, Ippokratous Street and as a result, one officer was injured slightly by a bullet to his leg. He was taken to the 401 Armed Forces Hospital.

According to initial reports, a man approached the guard post on foot, took aim and shot at the men on duty. He disappeared immediately. Three shells were found at the scene, which appear to be from a Kalashnikov weapon.

Additional police officers have been brought in to surround the building, anti-terrorists teams are investigating and an official statement is expected soon.

Speaking to SKAI television, the press spokesman for the Party said that the attack was “murderous”, as a direct shot was taken against the men. The leader of the PASOK Party, Mrs. F. Gennimatas, is visiting the injured officer at the hospital where he is being treated.

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