POS to be compulsory for Professionals


In categories of Professionals where a high level of tax evasion is observed, plans are being made for the compulsory introduction, installation and use of Point of Sales machines (POS), and electronic methods of payment.

The measure is being put forward by the Ministry for the Economy in an effort to gradually make the use of electronic payments a norm in all areas of the market place, as is stated in the latest Bill, passed recently by Parliament.

In this way, the government wants to target the professions which are a high priority for them in terms of historic tax evasion, such as doctors, lawyers, plumbers and electricians. The introduction of POS machines will also become compulsory in the Food & Catering field, beginning in certain geographical areas such as the Cyclades and Attika.

Tax evasion will be limited with the use of payments by card, via bank accounts and the consumer will be motivated to adopt this method of payment to boost their personal tax relief.

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