A family travelling in a vehicle on the main road from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos, experienced a real nightmare this morning.
Due to the slippery road conditions, their car skidded, left the road and fell off, over a small bridge near to the Traveller’s Camp, outside Heraklion. The terrified family managed to get out of the vehicle, which had landed on it’s roof, without serious injury and with witnesses saying that the lack of safety railings at that point on the road is extremely dangerous in case of an accident.

The family who are originally from Albania, had just returned from the Christmas holidays to their home country and arriving back in Heraklion, began their drive to their final destination in Hersonissos. The driver recounted the incident saying that as he drove on the right side of the road at low speed, the car suddenly slid out of control and rolled over as it fell, with the family finding themselves upside down. They managed to keep calm and escape, safe and sound through the front windscreen.

Commenting on the accident, the wife of the driver said with relief, that her family had survived one metre of snow in Albania and instead, had a near miss in Heraklion because of the dangerous road conditions.

Traffic police attended the scene and the family are grateful for their fortunate escape.

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