Crime behind death of missing man


According to reports, the cause of death of the man whose body was found yesterday morning by a passerby, just outside Rogdia, Malevizi and on the road towards Achlada, has been attributed to a criminal offense.

New evidence shows that the man was beaten in the area of the nose, by an unknown weapon, which resulted in his death. The medical examiner has not yet been able to confirm the time of death, as weather conditions had caused serious damage to the body.

At the same time, enquires by police continue to establish whether the victim had any recent personal differences, with interviews of people of both the 39 year old’s professional and friendly circles. Evidence from the scene is also being collected by the crime laboratory.

The man’s disappearance had been reported to the police last week by his wife and it is now known that he was the also father of one child.

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