Emergency Rescue Services help get through to dog shelter


The ΕΜΑΚ (Unit for Disaster Situations) department of the Heraklion Fire & Rescue Service were called in to reach the Council Dog Shelter at Finikia, Heraklion, during extreme weather conditions and heavy snowfalls.

The team from the Heraklion Council who work at the shelter, could not reach the site, despite attempts with 4 wheel drive vehicles from the Civil Protection department, due to the depth of the snow on the approach road, which is an unmade road and therefore called for help from the Fire % Rescue Services.

At the request of the Council, the Fire Service intervened, got through quickly and within two hours the dogs were fed and found to be in excellent health. They renewed their appointment again for tomorrow as it what not expected to see a huge improvement in the road by then.
The Council member responsible for the Civil Protection, Mr. P. Iniotakis thanked the men and their chief, Mr. S. Kalogiannakis, who assisted and said that without them, it would not have been possible to reach the location where the dogs are housed.

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source: neakriti.gr

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